Chancellor’s Trophy – Inter Institution Badminton Tournament was organized by HC on 15th October 2022 at Health City, Dattagalli, Mysuru. Mr. Sunil Gladson V, International Badminton Player was invited as a guest for the event.

Teams from Hindustan College, Mysuru, Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA), Mysuru, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS), Chennai, Hindustan College of Arts and Science (HCAS), Chennai had taken an active participation in the event.

The following are the details of the winners and runners:

Men’s Singles:

Winner: Mohan Kumar L P, Hindustan College, Mysuru.

Runner: Rajesh, HITS, Chennai.


Men’s Doubles:

Winners: Ramesh Babu & Alex Pandian, HITS, Chennai.

 Runners : Joshua Daniel & Karthik, HCAS, Chennai.


Women’s Singles :

Winner : Sukshma R D, Hindustan College , Mysuru.

Runner : Savitha. K V, Hindustan College, Mysuru.

Women’s Doubles:

Winners : Sukshma R D & Savitha K V, Hindustan College, Mysuru.

Runners: Madhumati & Seethalakhmi, HITS, Chennai.

Mixed Doubles:

Winners: Mohan Kumar L P & Sukshma R D, Hindustan College, Mysuru.

 Runners : Alex Pandian & Madhumati, HITS, Chennai.

The winners and the runners were distributed trophies during the valedictory program. Mohan Kumar L P, Physical Director, HC along with the student coordinators conducted the program successfully.

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