The Cultural Committee of Hindustan College Organized Fun Week From 16th August to 22nd August 2022. The fun week was initiated with the theme of Halloween Day, Twin Day, Back To School, Village Day, and Ethnic Day. All students had taken active participation in the events as the students were able to exhibit their talent, coordination, and team spirit. Based on their performance, the following students were awarded during the fun week.

16.08.2022 – Halloween Day:
Sagar, III B.Com – 1st Prize
Nobel Rohan, I B.Com – 2nd Prize
Aishwarya, II B.Com – 3rd prize
Damodar, III B.Com – A consolation prize

17.08.2022 – Back to School:
Sagar, III B.Com – 1st Prize
Aishwarya, II B.Com – 2nd prize
Damodar, III B.Com – 3rd prize
Deepak I BCA – A consolation prize

18.08.2022 – Village Day:
Monika Sathish &Ms. Muskan Ismail Shaik, I B.Com – 1st Prize
Arathi, II BBA (AM) and Mr. Jayanth, II BCA – 2nd Prize
Srivalsala and Deepak, 1st BCA – 3rd Prize
Damodar, III B.Com and Mr. Likith, II B.Com – Consolation prizes

19.08.2022 – Twin Day:
Arathi, II BBA(AM) and Ms. Chaithra, I B.Com – 1st Prize
Deepak and Mr. Sagar, I BCA – 2nd Prize
Muskaan Ismail Shaikh and Ms. Shreya B Kadam, I B.Com – 3rd Prize

22.08.2022 – Ethnic Day:
Aiyanulla, II BBA(AM) and Ms. Dhanyashree, I B.Com was crowned Mr. Ethnic & Ms. Ethnic.

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